Dodge Cummins Under Hood Mods

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OuterWears FAQs (Questions About Prefilters)

Why do I need a Pre-Filter?

How does a Pre-Filter work?

Will adding a Pre-filter reduce my airflow or horsepower?

Will the Pre-Filters work on paper filters?

How much dirt will the Outerwears Pre-Filter keep out?

How long will the Pre-Filter last?

Can I re-use the Outerwears Pre-filter?

How often do I need to clean the Pre-Filter?

How do I clean an Outerwears Pre-Filter?

Will adding the Pre-Filter void my warranty?

Does one size fit all?

Can I use an Outerwears Pre-filter without a standard filter?

Will adding an Outerwears Pre-Filter stop water ingestion?

How long will the water repellency last?

Can I retreat the Pre-filter with water repellent spray?

Will the Outerwears water repellent Pre-Filter restrict airflow more than the non-water repellent Pre-Filters?

Do you offer more colors?


WIX 42790
Donaldson B105006
Baldwin PA2820
Hastings AF1012
Fleetguard # AH19037
Napa # 2790
Carquest # 87790
Big A # 93790

S/S HeatShield

Contact Tad – He will hook you up

Billet Dip Sticks

Billet Oil Fill

Billet Fuel Filter Cap


Boost Bolt

Billet Battery Tie Downs

Blue Split Loom

Edge Comp


Pusher Relay

For use in EEP Pusher pump Kit (no photo)

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