David Kelley

David Kelley

03 And Up Fuel Tank Vent Kit

Get a completely full tank of fuel without standing at the pump for 10-15 minutes dribbling fuel into your tank. You get everything you need to relocate the vent to the highest part of the tank and cap the stock vent. VERY detailed instructions with pics are provided. More info available on my website here: (copy and paste the link below into your browser’s address window) http://www.innertruck.com/store-categories-03-and-up-Dodge-Fuel-Tank-Vent-Kits_2429930.html

$36 Long Bed or $31 Short Bed + Shipping

Pillar Pin

Enables you to mount any small accessory or display to the pillar of your truck. You remove one of the grab handle bolts and install the Pillar Pin, and then you can mount any Ram Mount part that uses a 1″ ball. The standard kit comes with the pin, the arm, and a 2″ x 6.25″ flat platform that you can cut down to size. You can mount an Edge Attitude monitor, the BullyDog Outlook Monitor or the TST monitor. All you need is the Velcro. With a Ram unit-specific mount you can mount a GPS, iPod or a Satellite radio controller. Eliminates the need to drill your truck or use adhesives on your dash. You can return your truck to stock easily. I have become a Ram Mounts dealer so I can get any part they make and give you a Diesel Network discount depending on the item. If you want to mount something that has an item specific cradle from Ram, let me know and I’ll get you a price on it. You can order the kit pictured at this link: (Copy and poste the link below into your browser’s address window) http://www.innertruck.com/store-categories-Pillar-Pins_2313044.html

$39.99 + 3.85 shipping. Total of $43.84