Nathan Durbin

Nathan Durbin

Dual A-pillar Mount

(unpainted) with 0-35 boost gauge and 0-1600* EGT Gauge (Autometer Z-Series or DiPricol), and gauge wiring completed as much as possible. All that is needed is to mount the pillar, tap the exhaust manifold, tap into a power and light soucre for the gauges, and install gauge senders and EGT probe. A small screw will be provided incase the A-pillar mount needs further securing against the A-pillar.

Extra electrical connectors, zip ties, shrink wrap, and wiring loom will also be provided.

Options: Choice of Autometer, DiPricol, or Isspro GaugesDash Mounts, Triple A-pillar mounts, Steering Column Pods, Painting the pods to make interior color and Tap and Drill bit

The gauge kits are really more dependant upon options but start as low as $275. Free shipping (Lower 48 states)