Bob Wagner

Bob Wagner

Billet Battery Tie Downs

Various Colors available.

$47.00 plain / $57.00 painted each. Shipping & Insurance $6.15

Billet Fluid Dip Stick Handles

Comes with Installation Kit. Available with Custom Lettering Colors at No Extra Charge

$49.00/set or $25.00 engine oil only (any color). Shipping & Insurance $6.15

Billet Oil Fill Cap Covers

Available in many designs including a Cummins “C”. Specify Colors

$25.00 plain. Free Custom Painting. Shipping & Insurance $6.15

CaTCHer! (Clutch And Traction CHallenger)

The CaTCHer is an OEM Dodge/Cummins Engine Control Module (ECM) with custom software that takes control of the engine fueling away from the engine computer and returns it to the driver. It IS the ECM, it is not an add on box that plays “smoke and mirrors” with your fuel injection pump.

The CaTCHer is year and model specific. Each CaTCHer is custom programmed to your requirements. Call for complete details. It may even possible to arrange a test drive.

$499.00 Reflash Your ECM. Plus Shipping & Insurance $814.00 Complete Unit. Free Shipping

Custom Powder Coating

All kinds of custom applications

Call for pricing.

Dodgezilla Hybrid 35/40 Turbo

Price complete with 12, 14, 16, 18, 22cm non-wastegated housing 795.00.
Price complete with a 12 or 14cm wastegated housing 1095.00.
Price minus turbine housing 685.00 Plus Shipping & Insurance.