Upgrading to 16cm Exhaust Housing

With this guide we have a donor charger so Removal of the charger is not included Refer to the Charger Swap Guide for further information

Completion time: Less than 2 Hours

Here’s a 16cm Holset Exhaust Housing

Here’s the Exhaust Gasket

Here’s the Oil Return Line Gasket

Here’s the donor charger

This set up is a Holset HX35W with a Modified 21 Cm Exhaust Housing to fit the newer model Cummins that don’t have the clamp style Connection to the down pipe

Separating the charger

Remove the 4 bolts

the 2 rings will then come off this is what they look like

Spray a bunch of the best penetrating oil you can find around the connection of the Exhaust Housing and the Compressor Housing and wait for it to penetrate.

You do not want to separate the two parts violently there is a fragile shaft that runs the length of the turbo and connects the compressor wheel and the exhaust turbine

Bend it and you’re done for !

Here it is coming apart

Apart picks below:

Here’s the exhaust turbine

Now that its apart take the 16 Cm housing and slide it on over the exhaust turbine

Set one of the rings in place

You will only use the center hole of the 3 grouped together on the rings

Put each ring on and put the middle bolt in to hold the rings while your putting the other 2 bolts in

The ends of the rings have arcs cut in them and when both rings are on that’s where the bolt goes like so

Reference picture only

Leave the bolts hand tight

Here’s the new set up HX35W With A 16 Cm Exhaust Housing

Put the charger on the truck using the Exhaust Gasket (BUBBLE OUT) and connect the charger to the Exhaust Manifold.

Spin the charger around to where the Intercooler line is perfectly lined up then tighten down all 4 bolts connecting the Exhaust Housing and the Compressor Housing

Finish putting the charger on and you’re done

Refer to the Charger Swap Guide for further information

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