A Recommendation for Trailer Pullers

I pull a 27 foot fifth-wheel RV trailer. I’ve had it all over the West. As you know, there is a hill or two out here. In fact just south of my town, Bend, Oregon, there is a grade that slowed my previous truck with this trailer to 45 mph top speed. I’ve always hated it when I was forced to hold up a string of traffic. It seems to spoil the fun when they honk their horns and wave their fingers at you. Whether you dismiss the finger wavers as crude or not, there is added danger in long lines backed up, all eager for the first chance to pass. For some time, I’ve wanted more power for pulling my trailer.

I like diesel pickups (the old one was a 6.9 Navistar Ford) but the new Duramax and the 6 liter Fords are awfully expensive. I got my present truck almost 2 years ago, a 1996 F-350 Powerstroke with a Superchip. I love this truck. It is so powerful, it seems like some sort of a hot-rod. The hill that slowed the 6.9 to 45 mph is nothing to the Superchip powerstroke. I can now cruise up that hill at 60 mph, no sweat AND I get 15 miles to the gallon with that load.

This truck is an automatic and has a 3.54 rear end. Prior to hooking up to the trailer, I wondered if I would have the muscle for pulling, considering the “long legged” 3.54 ration but I got the truck for a good price and was prepared to sell it if it didn’t pull like I wanted. Was I ever happy when it cruised the hill at 60.

My son-in-law has a newer f-350 with a 6 speed manual tranny and it can’t begin to stay with my ’96. I used to own and drive an 18 wheeler with a 13 speed tranny. I’ve always enjoyed the shifting part, but now I’m spoiled by this automatic, especially in stop and go traffic where I used to be concerned for the constant use (overuse) of the clutch. It is so nice to just push the pedal and go.
I will likely keep this truck for a long time, as I enjoy it more than any I’ve had before.

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