Glossary of Diesel Abbreviations

2WD Two Wheel Drive
4WD Four Wheel Drive
AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact – used by many on mail lists and message boards
ABS Anti-lock Brake System: Modulates braking pressure to control wheel
ACM Airbag Controller Module: monitors sensors and deploys airbag(s) in
the event of an accident
ACT Air Charge Temperature
ACV Thermactor Air Control Sensor
AFC Air Fuel Control: used on 94 – 98 diesels to control fuel rate at low
AOD Automatic Overdrive Transmission
APP Accelerator Pedal Position
APPS Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor: used on ISB diesel for electronic
throttle control
ASD Auto Shut Down: relay control system used to shut down engine
AXOD Automatic Overdrive Transmission
BAT Battery Voltage
BCM Body Control Module
BDC Bottom dead center – the lowest position of a piston in the cylinder
occurs when the crank pin is at bottom dead center
BE model designation for the Quad Cab Ram pickup
BFSC Brake Specific Fuel Consumption – pounds of diesel fuel consumed to
produce 1 HP for 1 hour
BHAF Big Honkin’ Air Filter – oversized filter used by the diesel gang
BOO Brake ON/Off Switch
BOMB Better off modified baby! – used by the diesel gang who hop up their
BP Barometric Pressure Sensor
BR Model designation for standard cab Ram pickup (and maybe the CC Pickup)
BTW By The Way – used on mail lists and message boards
CAB Controller Anti-lock Brake:
CARB California Air Rescouces Board: environmental regulatory agency in CA
CCD Chrysler Collision Detection: data bus system used by the airbag and
the anti-lock brake systems
CCD Computer Controlled Dwell
CCO Converter Clutch Overdrive
CDR Crankcase Depression Regulator
CEL Check Engine Light
CFI Central Fuel Injection
CHMSL Center High Mounted Stop Light: 3rd brake light at top of truck cab
CHT Cylinder Head Temperature
CID Cubic Inch Displacement
CID Cylinder Identification Sensor
CKP Crank Position Sensor: detects position and speed of engine crankshaft
CMP Cam Position Sensor: detects position of camshaft
CPL Control Part List: listing of engine parts and timing specifications
for a Cummins engine
CPS Camshaft Position Sensor: detects position of camshaft
CTD Cummins turbo diesel – used by many on mail lists and message boards
CTM Central Timer Module: controls RKE, chime, courtesy lamps, Speed sensitive
Intermittent wipers, enhanced accident response, VTSS
DAB Driver Air Bag module: airbag and firing system mounted in the steering
wheel center
DC DC or D/C = DaimlerChrysler – used on mail lists and message boards
DD1, 2, 3 DD1, DD2, DD3 = Diesel Dynamics Stage 1 (2 or 3) injectors
DEE Order code for the NV5600 6 speed manual transmission
DLC Data Link Connector: used to interface diagnostic equipment with
vehicle electronics
DRB scan tool used to obtain diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) from controller
DRB III new generation scan tool used to obtain diagnostic trouble codes (DTC)
DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code: Fault code set by control module when sensor
data is not as expected
DTT Diesel Transmission Technologies – aftermarket auto trans
upgrade specialist
EBC 2 RWAL brake system
EBC 325 four wheel anti-lock brake system
ECA Electronic Control Assembly
ECM Engine Control Module: microprocessor based module that controls various
engine functions
ECT Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
EDF Electric Drive Fan Relay
EDIS Electronic Distributor
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory: controller reprogrammable
EGO Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor
EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation: used to reduce combustion temperature and
pressure to control Oxides of Nitrogen emissions
EGRC EGR Control Solenoid
EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature: Important measurement for hard working diesel
EMCC Electronically Modulated Converter Clutch: used for torque converter
lockup control in the automatic transmission
EOT Engine Oil Temperature
ETC Order code for standard diesel engine
ETH 2001-2002 Order code for the High Output diesel engine
ETH/DEE Slang for the 2001 HO diesel with the NV5600 six speed
EVA Electronic Vibration Analyzer – used to diagnose chassis, engine, and
drivetrain vibrations
EVP EGR Position Sensor
EVR EGR Valve Regulator
EVR Electronic Voltage Regulator: circuitry in the PCM which controls battery
charging and alternator functions
FDM Fuel Delivery Module
FP Fuel Pressure – abbreviation used on message boards
FPCM Fuel Injection Pump Control Module: controls injection pump on 98+ diesel
FPM Fuel Pump Monitor
FRP Fuel Rail Pressure
FWIW For What It’s Worth – used by many on mail lists and message boards
GAWR Gross Axle Weight Rating: maximum safe load capacity of an axle measured
at the ground.
GCW Gross Combined Weight: total weight of equipped truck, payload, trailer,
water, and equipment.
GCWR Gross Combined Weight Rating: maximum allowable GCW
GVW Gross Vehicle Weight: total curb weight of the truck and payload.
GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: maximum allowable GVW
HCU Hydraulic Control Unit: modulates the brake pressure for ABS
HEGO Heated Exhaust Gas Sensor
HD Heavy Duty
HX35 Holset turbocharger used for most 94+ diesel Rams.
HX40 Holset turbocharger intended for C engines, but used by some performance
enthusiasts on the Ram’s B engine
HY35 Holset turbocharger used on 2000+ diesel Rams with the automatic transmission
IAT Intake Air Temperature Sensor
IAC Idle Air Control valve: used for emissions control on gasoline engines
ICM Integrated Controller Module
IDM Ignition Driver Module
IMHO In My Honest Opinion – used on mail lists and message boards
IMO In My Opinion – used on mail lists and message boards
IP Instrument Panel
ISB Interact System B: Cummins designation for the 24 Valve "B"
series diesel introduced to the 1998 Ram
ISC Idle Speed Control
ITS Idle Tracking Switch
IVS Idle Validation Switch (Diesel)
JTEC Jeep, Truck Engine Control: Combined engine and transmission control
KAM Keep Alive Memory
KOEO Key On Engine Off
KOER Key On Engine Running
KDP Killer dowel pin inside the timing gear case on 94-98 12 valve diesels.
If this pin falls out of its blind hole, the repair is expensive.
KS Knock Sensor
LD Light Duty
LDP Leak Detection Pump: used in the 4 wheel ABS valve assembly
LED Light Emitting Diode: semiconductor lamp used for displays and warning
LOAD Engine Load
LOL Lots of Laughs – used by many on mail lists and message boards
LOS Limited Operation Strategy
LPD Line Pressure Desired
LSD Limited Slip Differential
LUS Lock-up Solenoid
LWB Long Wheelbase (or LB, for long box or long bed)
MAF Mass Airflow
MAFV Mass Airflow Sensor Voltage
MAP Maximum Absolute Pressure sensor: used for emission control
MAT Manifold Air Temperature
MCU Microprocessor Control Unit
MDS(2) Mopar Diagnostic System: diagnostic computer system for service departments
MIC Mechanical Instrument Cluster: Instrument cluster controller and display
MIL Malfunction Indicator Light: used by engine control system to indicate
a problem to the driver
MPH Miles Per Hour
MPI Multi Port Injection: Each cylinder has it’s own fuel injector in the
intake port.
MTV Manifold Tuning Valve: used to vary the manifold runners for engine
performance and emission control
O2S Oxygen Sensor: measures oxygen content of exhaust stream. Used to modify
air to fuel ratio for emission control
OBD On Board Diagnostics: Ram engine and powertrain self diagnostic system
OBDII On Board Diagnostics II: enhanced diagnostic system to meet 1997 EPA
OHC Overhead Camshaft
OSS Output Shaft Speed
OTOH On The Other Hand – used by many on mail lists and message boards
P7100 Fuel injection pump used with 1994 – 1998 Ram 12 valve diesel engines
PAB Passenger Air Bag module: airbag and firing mechanism on the passenger
PADS Passenger Airbag Disarm Switch: Override switch to disable PAB when
children are riding in front seat
PCI Programmable Communications Interface
PCM Powertrain Control Module: microprocessor based module that controls
engine and drivetrain functions
PCV Positive Crankcase Ventilation: vacuum system used to control crankcase
(blowby) emissions
PDC Power Distribution Center: Fuse and relay power distribution center
located under the hood.
PEP Peripheral Expansion Port
PFE Pressure Feedback EGR Sensor
PIP Profile Ignition Pickup
PSPS Power Steering Pressure Switch
PSI Pounds Per Square Inch: pressure measurement
RAM Random Access Memory: read and write memory used by controllers for
data storage
RKE Remote Keyless Entry: remote operated door lock system
RPM Revolutions Per Minute: the speed of a turning shaft or rotor
ROFL Rolling On Floor Laughing – used on mail lists and message boards
ROFLMAO Rolling On Floor Laughing My A$$ Off – used on mail lists and message
ROM Read Only Memory: controller "hard" memory that is permanently
written – EEPROM may be reprogrammed with appropriate diagnostic tools
RWAL Rear Wheel Anti Lock brakes:
SBEC Single Board Engine Controller
SCI Serial Communications Interface: Used by the PCM for diagnostics and
for communication with other controller modules
SCTM Seatbelt Timer Control Module: inertia latching seatbelt controller
built into Quad Cab Models
SES Service Engine Soon
SIL Shift Indicator Light
SKIM Sentry Key Imobilizer Module: disables engine start until Secret Key
is entered using DRB scan tool !!! Required when a new PCM is installed
in a vehicle
SPARK Spark Advance/Retard
SPOUT Spark Output Signal (from ECA)
STAR Self Test Automatic Readout
SWB Short Wheelbase (or SB, for short box or short bed)
SWMBO She Who Must Be Obeyed – used by men on mail lists and message boards
to refer to their wife or girlfriend
TAPS Throttle Angle Position Sensor
TBI Throttle Body Injector: Electronic fuel injector located in normal place
of a carburator.
TC Torque Converter
TCC Torque Converter Clutch
TCM Transmission Control Module: May not be used on Ram trucks
TDC Top Dead Center: the highest position of a piston in the cylinder occurs
when the crank pin is at top dead center
TDR Turbo Diesel Register – club for Ram diesel owners – with a website,
magazine, and rallys
TFI Thick Film Ignition System
TFT Transmission Fluid Sensor
TGS Top Gear Switch
THS Transmission Temperature Switch
TIA Thanks In Advance – used by many on mail lists and message boards
TPS Throttle Position Sensor
TQC Torque Control
TRS Transmission Range Sensor
TSB Technical Service Bulletin: repair and technical information bulletins
to assist service departments
TSS Turbine Shaft Speed
TST Diesel engine power enhancement company run by Mark Chapple
TTS Transmission Temperature Switch
TTT To The Top – – used on message boards to bring a thread to the top
VAF Vane Air Flow Sensor
VAT Vane Air Temperature
VB Valve body – auto trans
VCT Variable Cam Timing
VE Bosch Distributor type injection pump used on 89-93 Ram diesel engines
VIN Vehicle Identification Number: unique serial number assigned to each
VP44 Bosch electronic fuel injection pump used on 1998+ Ram diesel engines
VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor/Signal
VTSS Vehicle Theft Security System: anti theft system with engine disable,
alarm, and door lock features
YMMV From the Your Mileage May Vary disclaimer- used on mail lists and message
boards to indicate that your experience may be different
WAC WOT A/C Cut-off Switch
WIF Water In Fuel sensor: detection system for water in fuel filter on 1994+
diesel engines
WOT Wide Open Throttle: maximum throttle position
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