Hunting For Horsepower by Alligator Performance

It was a busy Saturday. Trucks were lined up in the vacant lots behind Alligator Performance waiting to get dyno’d. This was Alligator Performance’s first event – and for a small, relatively new company, this was a big event.

Alligator Diesel Performance opened their doors in Las Vegas in 2005. In 2009, they moved to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and in 2011 they were listed at the 263 spot of Inc. 500’s list of Fastest Growing Companies in America. They built this growth on enthusiasm and customer service. And when you meet the guys at Alligator, you will understand how they have built up huge customer loyalty.

The show was crowded but not cramped. I didn’t count but it looked like there were at least fifty trucks lined up for the dyno. The dyno began at 9am and ended at 3pm. The dyno for the event was the Mobile Superflow that was built specifically for the Diesel Power Challenge in 2007. The trucks sit up in the air – easy to see and exciting to watch, while the people sit in chairs, sit on the grass or walk around. I remember the dyno events Davis Diesel used to put on. You sat on hard bleachers in a barn and got to smell the smoke, but the dyno was on the ground.

There were several vendors with booths; AFE, Edge, PPE, Bully Dog, MBRP, Diamond Eye, Flo-Pro, BD Diesel and others. There were lots of people hanging around the booths collecting literature, samples, prizes and just talking with the reps.

The event poster claimed there would be Dynos, Show and Shine, Sponsor Raffles and Food. I didn’t see any food there besides this Mexican chuck wagon. Though I did not hear anything bad about the food, I didn’t feel like eating from a roach coach. Maybe next year, the boys at Alligator could arrange for a little more diversity in the food area – like, maybe, some good old American hamburgers and hot dogs.

If you are in the market for Diesel Performance Products, I would highly recommend Alligator Performance. You can get them on the web at or call them at 866-255-7212 toll free. If you live in Eastern Washington, North Idaho or Western Montana, I suggest you drive on over and give them a visit – you can find their address and other info on their website.

They have a garage and they are equipped with all the best and latest equipment. The garage has four big bays and hoists on each, including the cab hoist for the Ford cabs! Their mechanics are knowledgeable. And that’s another thing about Alligator – every employee is a diesel enthusiast and uses the parts on their trucks. They have the experience you need and they are excited about your project.

All-in-all, I was pleased with the event. This was my first diesel event since I fell off a roof almost five years ago. Before that fateful experience, my son and I had been faithful to diesel events in the Pacific Northwest and some of the middle States. Times change and so do our lives – but it was good to be here and experience the fun and excitement – and the smells. Keep up the good work, Alligator and we hope to see this event grow every year.

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