Rust Prevention

Here’s a convenient and easy method of applying rust preventing solutions to inner panels and seams to control or avoid rust to various body seams. The nicest feature, is that you don’t have to remove interior panels to apply, just insert the feed hose into where you want to apply your rustproofing.

The specific solutions used are optional with the owner, and I merely show here the stuff I happen to use as an example – it’s a waxy motorcycle chain oil that wicks into tight areas, and leaves a thin waxy coating on surfaces. Obviously, heavy and thick materials will not be effective with this method, and it’s primary benefit is down in tight body seams rather than broad and verticle panels – but materials like the stuff I used here, or thinner oily stuff will work well

The shown small diameter tubing is common drip system stuff – a bit stiffer than needed, there are more flexible ones available, but this is what I had, and it does work fine.

Just attach the tubing to whatever lube or rustproofing stuff you prefer, insert the tubing as deeply as needed for desired coverage, and start the flow of rustproofing as you slowly withdraw the tubing.

It only takes a few moments, and you’re done! Now that we are nearing Fall weather and have warm weather still available, it’s a good time to apply this stuff for best penetration.

[thanks to Gary – K7GLD used with permission]
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