RV Summer Driving Tips

Summer is here and we all like to get away. But just getting in the RV and driving off can sometimes have its problems. Here are a couple suggestions to give your machine just a little bit more pickup and help remedy your overheating problems.


If you don't have one of those quarter million dollar diesel pushers, likely your RV is one of the smaller versions. Most of these come equipped with Dodge Cummins 5.9L motors. This is good because they are easy to mod. Edge makes chip tuners that will fit these machines and give you the extra uumph to get you over the hills and mountains. This can be especially helpful if you are towing or carrying extra weight.


Truck Racing Parts sells three different EZ programmers from Edge that fit year 1998.5 through 2002 RV setups. Just type "5.9L EZ" (without the quotes) in the search box and it will take you right to them. The newer RVs will usually accommodate Edge Juice with Attitude. Our customers tell us they are amazed at the performance difference. No more lugging down on the steep grades. Stuff like that can make traveling a lot more pleasant.


Another feature of installing the EZ programmers is that customers are reporting their vehicles are operating at lower coolant temperatures (not related to exhaust temperatures). This is great. Two bangs for the buck. Edge doesn't mention this in any of their documentation, so don't take this as the official word.


As with all chip tuners and performance equipment, it is recommended that you install a pyrometer and boost gauge to monitor critical engine output. If you have an Edge Juice with Attitude Monitor or an A2, you will have these gauges built in to the unit.


Now a suggestion for those who are not experiencing lower coolant temperatures, or for those who are not "chipped" and want an edge on the hills without losing performance. Usually if you will downshift for the inclines and run up the RPMs, this will allow your motor to breathe. Many times when drivers downshift, they also relax the throttle. The higher the coolant temperatures, the natural response is to back off the throttle. Now the engine is working without breathing. So, next time you run into that situation, downshift and run up the RPMs without racing, of course.


If you experience any difficulties at this point, it would be a good idea to check your radiator for plugs and damages and if necessary, get it flushed. When you install new coolant, be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations.


Hope you have a great trip this summer!


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