Tips & Tricks for Better Fuel Economy

1. Air up your tires.
Keeping your tires aired up to manufacturers specs can help your fuel economy up.

2. Leave your tailgate up!
The tailgate up creates a vortex behind the cab which pushes air up over the tailgate. The tailgate down allows the air to push down on the bed creating drag.

3. Be easy on the Throttle!
Now, chip or no chip, try to keep your foot out of it. Be easy on the throttle. If you have just purchased a chip, your tendency will be to floor it at every light. You will NOT see better fuel economy this way. Another recommendation is the ease up to the lights and try to keep your momentum up so that your still rolling when the light turns green.

4. Keep your RPM’s low.
If you are really trying to get all you can get, its a good idea to keep your RPM’s low. Try to keep them under 2000 and see how that works for you. Of course, if you are on the freeway, have to make time and have a low gear ratio, this may be out of the question.

5. Products that may help with fuel economy
You will have to weigh the difference in possible fuel economy gained and the cost of the product, but some of these products may help your fuel economy.

  • Performance Chips.
    Do the research and find a good chip for your diesel. See what others are saying about chips for your year make and model vehicle for some added fuel economy. You may ask the chip manufacturer but you will probably find the best fuel economy in one of the mid settings if it has multiple settings.
  • Air Intakes
    Some Intakes will supply your engine with more, cold air. Which in turn will help your engine by not having to work so hard and possibly give you better economy.

  • Tonneau Covers.
    Most people see another 1 MPG after adding a tonneau cover to their truck bed.
  • Propane Injection
    Most Propane kits claim to give you another 25% fuel economy and much greater HP. Plus the propane helps keep your injectors clean and such. However, you have to figure the cost of propane and the cost of the kit, which to do a good job can be a fairly large initial cost.
  • Fuel Air/Water Seperators
    Fuel Air seperator systems can get you better fuel economy by getting rid of the air in your fuel.

I’m sure there are many more things out there that can help and we will keep adding to this list, but keep in mind that you will be saving fuel economy by reducing friction, and reducing the workload on your engine.

I would like to thank Rodslinger, jwiger, cebulmer1, erlong, purduefarmboy460, Ramsmoker, tyrfryer, Worm Drowner, Mike OB, strokemaster and Oreo for their help in putting this information together.

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