Cummins Valve Cover Replacement

Here’s the Stocker

And here’s the Bombed Valve cover

Available Here at the Database: check the marketplace :: Bob Wagner

The only tools you’ll need is a 1/4 inch drive ratchet and a 10 MM socket

Really clean up the stock valve cover you do not want anything to fall down in to the valves when removing it. Just leave the oil fill cap on for now.

There are 6 10MM bolts running threw the valve cover, Go through and loosen up all the bolts.

Once the bolts are loosened you need to pull the bolt up till it hits the bottom of the dust cover the sleave will come up with it

Once the bolt is to the top just pull and wiggle a little bit to break the seat of the dust cover , it will pop right out

It will be a little tricky getting the one out that’s all the way in the back but, you’ll get it.

Once all the bolts are out, Pull the valve cover off, Be careful there’s some pretty expensive stuff under there.

Stick your oil fill cap in your new valve cover and slide it on ,being very carefull not to knock anything into the motor

Presto Change-o

You’re Done!

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