Dodge Truck Front Disk Brake Replacement

Work Performed On: 2002 CTD

Estimated time of Completion: 2 Hrs

Parts Required:

Brake Shoes, Brake Cleaner, Brake Fluid, Little Helper

Tools Required:

1/2 Inch Drive Ratchet, Cheater Pipe, 2 Extensions,
15/16 6 pt Socket, 7/32 Allen Wrench, 16 MM 12 pt Socket, Big Strait Screw Driver, Floor Jack, Penetrating Oil, 3/8 inch wrench

Product Information:

Here are the brake Shoes

I got them at Advanced Auto Nothing Fancy just the Life Time warrantee ones

The Ys: There are screachers on the brake pads but Once you notice them squealing its almost too late. My rivets were already starting to bore in to my rotors and I only drove about 50 miles squeaking around until I had the chance to change them… BAD IDEA !

How ever I’m not doing a Rotor Change at this time thier not real bad yet, but would of been trashed with about another 100 miles with the brake shoes in there current state

The Carnage: 48,000 Miles

The Install:

Set the E-Brake

Pry off the Hub Cap with a big strait Screw Driver

Brake each of the lug nuts loose (15/16) but DO NOT REMOVE

Most garages probly have a 4 way or the stock equipment Tire Iron, But I had to use a 1/2 drive 15/16 and a cheater pipe

Jack up the Drivers side. Here’s a good jack point

Finish removing all the lug nuts, and Pull the tire off

Here’s the brake Caliper

Note: These photos are from the Passenger side

Spray the Allens and the Caliper Bolts with some penetrating oil.

With the 7/32 Allen Wrench Remove the Allens

With the 16 MM 12 PT Remove the Caliper Bolts

A little tap with your palm and the caliper will come loose from the rotor.

Don’t let the caliper hang on the brake lines, just set it up on top of the rotor

To remove the Outer Caliper locate the removal points (arrows) and just pull it up out of there

Here’s the Outer Caliper This piece holds your brake pads.

Push the pads out

Put new pads in

Set it aside

Locate the Brake bleeder and loosen it

With channel locks or a C clamp compress the clynders then retighten the bleeder

Note: Use the brake cleaner during the whole reinstall process

Re-Position the outer Caliper to the inter Caliper

Place the caliper back on the rotor and replace the Allens and the Bolts

Now find your helper

Have your 3/8 inch wrench on the bleeder, Have your helper get in the truck and pump the brakes a few times then hold it to the floor, Then loosen the bleeder and brake fluid will squart out, Once its done squarting out tighten the bleeder, then tell your helper OK, Then they will remove there foot from the brake, Repeat till your sure there is no air in the system.

Note: When you loosen the bleeder and they are pushing on the brake, the peddle will go all the way to the floor Do NOT let them let off the brake while the bleeder is open or it will fill your brake system full of air.

Replace your Tire

Snug the lug nuts you wont be able to fully tighten them right now because the tire will want to spin

Let the jack down & Tighten down the lug nuts in a similar

Replace the hub cap

Now Repeat the process on the other side

When the other sides done fill your brake reservoir back to full then test drive

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