The Dodge Diesel Mystery Switch

These instructions for the mystery switch are for the 47RH not the 47RE.

The later transmission control has a relay that has to be removed and the load pins jumped. The ’96 and later also have more than one orange with black tracer wires on the PCM.

There are 2 (two) options you have between switches; a simple on/off toggle switch or a 3 (three) position toggle switch.

First off you will need to find PIN 54 and the wire attached to it (orange w/ black tracer). This pin/wire is located in the PCM connector located behind the air filter box on the passenger side of the firewall. Now heres were the 2 (two) options come in for the switch.

First is to use a simple on/off toggle switch and ground the wire w/o cutting it. This allows you to either manually lock the TCC or to let the PCM handle it.

Your second option for the switch is to use a single pole 3 (three) position toggle switch. To use this switch you cut the wire attached to PIN 54 of the PCM, attach the trans. end to the center pole, attach a ground wire to one of the outside poles, and attach the PCM end of the wire to the other outside pole. It is suggested to use different colored wires when you cut the wire going to PIN 54, so that when extending them into the cab you won’t get them confused.

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