Turbo Charger Swap Guide

Completion time : 1 Hour

HX35 12 CM


The following guide details the swap out between a modified HX35 with a 21CM Housing to a HX35 With a 12 CM Housing. The work is being done on a 2002 CTD. After Removing the Air Filter and hose….

Step 1 :

Disconnect the Inter Cooler Boost line from the turbo

12MM Deep Well

Step 2:

Disconnect the oil inlet line

20MM Open End Wrench

Most likely you will have to remove the fitting from the turbo and put it in your new turbo

Step 3:

Remove the oil outlet line from the bottom of the turbo

2-10MM bolts 3/8 drive with 2 extensions

Step 4:

Remove the Down Pipe Bolts

2-13 MM will need a 1/2″ drive and a lot of elbow

Step 5:

Remove the Turbo from the manifold

4-15MM Bolts use a 1/2″ drive with 2 extensions for the bottom right nut and a 15MM box end wrench for the other 3

Step 6:

Remove turbo from truck

Step 7:

Inspect the Oil Return / Outlet line for gasket remains

Step 8 :

Clean and inspect turbo Oil Return / Outlet connection for gasket remains

Have a new Gasket handy (Available @ EEP)

Step 9:

Set new turbo into place and connect it to the manifold

Tighten Bolts down in a zig zag pattern and ensure Ext gasket is lined up

Step 10:

Reconnect Down Pipe tighten bolts together

Step 11:

Place gasket on oil return line and Replace on the turbo

Step 12:

Replace oil inlet line

Step 13:

Reconnect Intercooler Boost line

Step 14:

Reassemble Air Filter and hose

Step 15:

Start it up and check for leaks

    Check :

  • Oil Return line
  • Oil Inlet
  • Ext manifold
  • Down pipe

Step 16:

The best part of bombing…….



With the old turbo @ 30# of boost I was running about 1500*; had Lag and alot of Smoke.

With the new turbo @ 30# boost Im running 900*; less Lag …more smoke than with stock charger but less than I had with the huge Ext Housing.

HY35-9CM (Stock) Right; HX35-21Cm Left; HX35-12Cm On Truck !!!

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