Windshield Wiper Motor Replacement

[A] Gently pry up on the little tap this will release a small piece of metal that just slides under the gear. After clip is released you will have to pry the WSW bottom off the gear this is the bad part — took longer to get the WSW off the gear then it did for anything else in the job.

This is whats under there.


Then Remove all the black plastic clips [B] they have a star head but all you have to do is pry a wee little bit and they will pop right out.

Then remove the Whole Plastic cover to unveal the dreaded bad motor. The WSW fluid lines are attached to the bottom of the cover dont get carried away Just lift the cover up and unplug the hoses.

Remove the 4 – 10MM bolts there long winded (( about 2" long)).

Give a good tug on the motor and arms and it will pull up out. Unplug the ground wire harness and the power harness.

With the Aid of a firearm the old motor can be delt with.

Replace with new motor and put back together.

NOTE: ITS UP TO YOU TO LINE THEM UP RIGHT. There is no painted line or DOWEL I mounted mine to where they were just under the black of the WS.

Not that bad of a job at all!

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