Detailed Dodge Diesel Oil Change


3 Gallons Oil; Mobil Delvac Super 1300 is what I use, I should probably be using the Synthetic stuff. But I don’t.

Oil Filter; My Fleet Guard Filter supply was tapped out so I had to run to advanced auto and get a Purolator… $15 !!

The Fleet Guard Filters can be had for $6.25,But Hey the Purolator is color coordinated.


1/2 inch Drive Ratchet with 2 extensions

Filter Wrench (Strap Style)

Oil Catch Pan

Funnel (This is usually what my funnels look like)

~ DON’T DO THIS ~ It’s full of debris.

I picked up a sealing funnel at Wally World it’s a great concept, a better mouse trap for sure !

Nice and clean… Minus a little Fuel additive.

You will also need…

Shop Rag, Plastic Bag, Strait Screw Driver, 3/8 inch drive Ratchet with 1 extension, Paint Pen

Okay, let’s get started…

Step 1:

Park the truck on a flat level surface.

Set E-brake.

Allow engine to cool.

Step 2:

Remove Fill Cap to allow faster draining

Pull the pan under the truck

Grab the 3/8 inch ratchet with the 3 inch extension and remove the drain plug. There are many push type drain plugs available, where you just flip a switch or push on it and it drains easy, I should have one. Allow it to drain then replace plug

There are many push type drain plugs available, where you just flip a switch or push on it and it drains easy. I should have one.

Allow it to drain, then replace the plug.

I always put a Good Magnet on my Plug to help catch any debris on the plug inside the pan. has the best magnets available.

Step 3:

Remove the turbo inlet line with the strait screw driver.

Step 4:

Locate the Oil Filter (and thank it for its service)

Step 5:

Oil Filter Removal: You will have to loop the filter wrench around the bottom of the filter and pull it all the way to the top then wrap it up like so…

Then spin the tool Clockwise.

If it looks like this… ~ DON’T DO THIS ~ It’s Wrong, That will tighten it.

Now that you have it connected right grab the 1/2 drive and loosen the filter to the point where it can be remove by hand.

Remove the strap wrench and loop a plastic bag around the filter like so…

This will keep oil from spilling all over the place when you remove the filter from the truck

VERY IMPORTANT !! Inspect the removed Filter for the sealing gasket.


Well looky here – no gasket. Guess where it’s at…

There it is… Still connected to the housing

NOTE: This has got me once I didn’t inspect for the gasket and I put on another filter When I started it up Oil went Everywhere L

Remove the old oil sealing gasket that’s not suppose to be there

Step 6:

Preparing and Installing new oil filter

Write down the current mileage with a paint pen

I write it on both sides to make sure I can see it when its on the truck…You can do this after its on,but it may look sloppy

Oil the new Filter, Some Don’t … I Do

I always lubricate the new sealing gasket and fill the oil filter about 3/4 the way up.

Spin the new filter on. . . Good luck getting it started – if it makes you angry you can always spin it on from under the truck

Now reattach the strap wrench and snug it a little

The strap is mounted counter clock wise

There’s your mileage.

50,606 Present miles on the truck Add However much you want before your next Oil Change. I do mine slightly before 5000 miles

Step 7:

Oil Filling

Prepare your Funnel and shop rag

Rag is for added protection Oil burning off the manifold/engine is not a good smell.

Dump in 2 gallons then dump all but a quart and a half of the 3rd gallon.

NOTE: The system takes 1 quart shy of 3 gallons… its a lot easer to put more in to top it off then it is to try to drain a little out

Put the Oil Fill cap back on.

Fire Engine up for a few seconds to fill the filter the rest of the way up and to get the oil primed through the engine

Then shut it down and check your oil.

Dip Stick: Right in the middle of the safe lines.

Replace the Dip Stick and run the truck for a few days then Check your oil…

Notice how much happier the motor is with fresh oil


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