Propane Kit Comparison

When Propane is added to the air intake usually the horn it ensures that all the Diesel is turned into Power.

When propane is used properly, it will keep your engine cleaner with less carbon buildup and cleaner oil. Propane is a high-octane fuel and burns slower and longer therefore, propane will help diesel burn more thoroughly, increasing horse power and torque. With propane your engine should last longer, get better fuel economy and have significantly more power.

By fumigating the air intake with propane, there are dramatic increases in horse power, torque and diesel mileage. Exhaust temperatures are only slightly increased and in many cases decreased. It is one of the safest horsepower increases on the market.


The most professional propane system on today’s market! The power this system adds to your truck is unbelievable!

Propane when properly used keeps your engine cleaner with less carbon buildup and cleaner oil. Running propane on your truck should give you better fuel economy and significantly more power. As well as a fuel, propane acts as a catalyst to help the diesel burn more completely, resulting in more efficiency.

This system is simple to use and easy to install. Tank not included.

How much power? — The TS Power propane system is a 100hp system that operates off a vacuum draw.

How much torque? — Torque will increase as much or more than horsepower.

Does this system void my warranty? — This system in and of itself does not void warranty, unless manufacturer specifically says aftermarket products void warranty. The dealer must be able to prove that this system actually caused the damage in question. Federal Law provides protection for vehicle owners. This law is called the Magnuson-Moss Act of 1975.

What does the system do to fuel economy? — Since diesel engines only burn approximately seventy five percent of their fuel adding propane will enable the engine to burn one hundred percent of its fuel. In return no carbon build up and cleaner oil is obtained.

How long does it take to install? — Anywhere from two to four hours. A complete step by step instruction manual accompanies all systems. This manual contains descriptive photographs to help aid in the installation process.

Does it work for my application? — The TS Performance power propane system is universal. Therefore it will work on the Powerstroke, Cummins or Duramax engine.

Size and type of tank needed? — A tank at least 25% of your diesel fuel capacity. We recommend a fork lift tank with a liquid feed.

Why the TS Power Propane Injection System over others? — Simple. One word SAFE. Our regulator contains a vaporizer which will not allow liquid to flow into your system. This process eliminates the chance of a liquid surge which in turn can cause serious engine damage. We only use high quality brass fittings and OEM rubber hoses.

Will this system have to be adjusted? — The TS Power propane system is a nonadjustable injection system. This will eliminate guesswork and over fueling. It operates off a vacuum draw. It will release the necessary amount of propane that your engine can safely utilize.

Diesel Performance Products LLC:


The Powershot 2000™ propane injection system for turbo diesel owners who are looking for more power for towing increased mileage and throttle responsiveness out of their vehicles.

With it’s innovative and patented design and method of propane delivery, this system is unique to other systems on the market and has overcome many of the drawbacks encountered with earlier designed injection systems.

The Powershot is an infinitely variable-stage vapor injection system. It is controlled, activated and proportionate to the boost pressure of the engine. The Powershot comes on slow and steady and as the boost increases, so does the flow of propane. More boost=more propane=more power! It is fully adjustable and can be customized for your specific application in minutes for towing, performance or mileage gains.

The easy-to-install Powershot system will safely and substantially increase horsepower (up to 100hp) and torque (up to 250 ft lbs). This unit is a must for towing and all- around performance increases. Modest mileage gains are an extra bonus.

The system installs in about two hours and requires no permanent modifications to the vehicle or engine. The quality of the components is obvious: Custom LP regulators /Parker fittings, safety features such as custom auto/off rocker switches located inside the cab, and an automotive LP fuel lock-off solenoid valve located at the tank. All of the regulating is done at the tank eliminating the need for under hood installations and further enhancing safety concerns. The custom regulator maintains a constant tank pressure regardless of outside temperatures and delivers consistent, usable power at all boost levels.

Powershot 2000™ Propane Injection kit for turbo charged diesel engines by Diesel Performance Products:
* Optimizes engine performance by increasing throttle response, torque and horsepower.
* Increases fuel mileage.
* Can decrease diesel emissions-fuel burns cleaner, oil stays cleaner
* Improves towing capabilities.
* Simple, patent pending design provides for easy installation and virtually no maintenance.
* No Hobbs switches, converters, mixers or sensors to adjust or hassle with.
* Makes your truck FUN TO DRIVE. – Guaranteed!

Bully Dog Propane Charger

Bully Dog Technologies has developed the premier system that increases horsepower, torque and diesel mileage!

When propane is used properly, it will keep your engine cleaner with less carbon buildup and cleaner oil. Propane is a high-octane fuel and burns slower and longer therefore, propane will help diesel burn more thoroughly, increasing power and torque. With propane your engine should last longer, get better fuel economy and have significantly more power.

By fumigating the intake air with propane, there are dramatic increases in power, torque and diesel mileage. By using a dual stage regulator and drawing vapor from the tank, this system creates one of the most user friendly, maintenance free systems available. With this system, exhaust temperatures are only slightly increased and in many cases decreased. This converts to one of the safest horsepower increases on the market. The vapors are drawn from the top of the tank so there is no liquid to vapor converts to worry about, which makes one less problem to have. This system can be adapted on any turbocharged diesel and is easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle.

Five Kits to choose from:
Propane Kit 80 hp (adjustable) #10800
Hot Dogger 50 hp #90050

Bully Kicker 150 hp #90150
Dual Shot 200 hp #90200
Dual Shot Race Kit #90204

Do It Yourself

Do this at your own risk!!

1 20lb propane bottle
1 acetylene gas regulator (any wielding shop will have it, its a low flow
regulator and fits perfectly to propane bottle)$60-$70

1 propane flow valve for a propane fueled car or truck (any propane gas company
can order it, its a simple on off valve with a solenoid)$30
1 standard automotive toggle switch ($2)
1 roll of teflon tape or fitting sealant ($2)
1 pack of 12″ zip ties ($2)
1 roll of red wire ($3)standard automotive wire
1 roll of black wire ($3)
12-28ft of hydraulic hose with 1/4″ fittings on each end (you need to measure how many feet of hose you will need, from where tank will set to air box) Also get it in two different sections, both with male-male fittings (you will see why later)
2 washers, 1 lock washer, 1 nut to fit the end of hose where it is inserted into air box

Ok, now to to put it together.

Drill hole in airbox so the 1/4″ fitting of one of the male-male hoses so it fits into the airbox. Put one flat washer on outside of fitting and on the inside put the other flat washer, then the lock washer and the nylon lock nut. (I will leave out stuff like, “tighten the nut” in the instructions)

Ok, now run the hose down the back of the motor and under the truck along the frame using zip ties to secure it. When you get to the other end of the male-male fitting put the propane valve on (its has female 1/4″ fittings on each end) Put Teflon tape in the male end of hose and tighten “TAP” (tight as possible).

Ok, now take the red wire you bought and secure it to the screw on top of valve solenoid (only real place it can go) run the rest of the red wire into the cab of truck (we will come back to toggle switch)

Ok, now connect the male end of your other male-male to the valve with teflon tape and “TAP”, then run it along the frame to the place where you put the tank. Put Teflon tape on that end and secure it into regulator using “TAP”.

Now go into cab and wire up your toggle switch, I use the toggle switch that lights up when the circuit is open or on.

Now connect the regulator to tank and turn on gas (make sure the truck is “NOT” running) Turn the regulator until about 4psi is showing on gauge.

Make sure the toggle switch is off and start truck, THEN THE MOMENT OF TRUTH,flick the switch, you will notice the engine difference. If you don’t notice a difference then the switch is not wired right.

Turn switch off, get on hwy and flick the switch, you will notice a slight difference. Pull over and turn up psi .5 and do it again. Do this until you find the right psi setting for your truck. Usually between 4-7psi, if engine makes a slight pinging noise then turn the psi DOWN .5

Thats it, of course how much propane you use depends on how much you use it. I get pulling a load in hills around 300-500 miles or so. When you need a boost of pwr turn it on and when your need for the xtra power is done turn it off.

Now alittle info about propane and diesel. Propane is a very stable and mild gas. It gives diesel fuel the ability to give a complete burn. This means more power and a cleaner engine. Hydraulic hose works great, its about $2 a foot and you can get it made at most auto parts stores. Stop and think about it, hydrolic hose is rated to handle thousands of psi and all you are running is 4-7psi. It is both wire and rubber mesh. Propane will not harm it in any way. If you are nervious you can add a “flash back” fitting to this (get it where you got the regulator) it stops any flame from reach the tank through the hose. I do not use one, but that’s me.

The total time it took me took rig it up was 2hrs. The toggle switch was the hardest thing for me and they are easy. So if I can do it you can. It saved me $800 on a “pro” setup. Of course how you secure your tanks is up to you. I keep mine in my tool box and the hose runs out the botton of it.

The propane when turned on flows into the airbox and is sucked into the engine, yes mine is a turbo and it will not harm it or ignite it. Propane really is very stable.

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