Relocating Your Block Heater Cord

As you know the block heater plug on our trucks are located in the front bumper and this is where they stay for most people. Some have put a plug recessed into the bumper to make it look nicer then having a cord dangling there. In my case being a Firefighter the way I park my truck it would be a lot easier if some how I could plug my truck in the rear of the truck so when I come out of the house I can pull the plug and drive down the driveway. Now I have to run around the front and unplug it and pull the cord out of the way. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but when your trying to make the engine seconds count. So I came across some other ideas about relocating it and this is what I decided to do.

First I took some measurements on how long of a cord I would need. This measurement will vary on the size of your truck.. I have a 4×4 extended cab with a short box. I then made a trip to Lowes and picked up the following items.. Also in the next week I will be adding a permanent mount somewhere in the back of the truck to totally eliminate any hanging cords… I will post some more info once I acquire one of them…

15′ 12gauge Extension Cord, Wire Ties, Electrical Grease & a small tube of Silicone.

That is all you need to get this project done.

First I removed the cord from the stock location and routed it under the truck..

I then started from the back of the truck and ran the wire up to the front along the driver side frame rail making sure everything was secured along the way…

Both ends then ended up right at the middle of the transfer case skid plate.

Before I made any final connections I added some anti corrosion compound since this will be under the truck & prone to a lot of road dirt.

I then put some silicone around the connection to further protect it from any road dirt & moisture. After that was done I secured it to the transfer case shield and got rid of any slack wire, which wasn’t much at all…

Here’s what it looks like hanging and tucked away at the trailer hitch. I also took off the protector that was on the front and moved it to the back and later secured it with wire ties so it wouldn’t fly off. I am going to check in a week or to for any rub points just to make sure every thing is alright.


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