Transmission Pan Installation Guide


Please read these instructions and parts list completely before installing this new transmission pan. Consult your owner’s or shop manual for transmission fluid requirements.

1/2 socket wrench and driver (for removing the old cover)
1/4 allen bit with a 3/8 ratchet drive (1/4 allen key is furnished)
3/16 allen bit with a 3/8 ratchet drive
3/8 drive torque wrench

Gasket scraper
Smooth flat file by 8 to 12 in. long
Oil drain pan (minimum 12 Qt. capacity)
ATF+3 type 7176, 2001 up ATF+4 or (“LE” 7500
Monolec Power Fluid for severe service and HD applications).

Mag-Hytec Transmission Pan with a Mag-Hytec Buna 70 gasket
5/16-18 zinc plated allen head cap screws (Torque 12-16 ft. Ibis)

5/16 stainless AN washers
Drain plug assembly with magnet and O-ring ARP 568-910 (installed)
1 1/8 pipe plug SS (for optional temperature sender not included) Drain plug and 1/8 pipe plug (Torque to 30 in. Ibs)

A word of caution to the installer / vehicle owner:
The Mag-Hytec pan is designed to fit the factory Dodge #727 transmission body as supplied as original equipment. However, in some applications, or because of the use of certain factory options and/or after market equipment, there may be clearance problems between your Mag-Hytec pan and other vehicle components. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner and installer to ensure that there is no contact between the pan and other moving or fixed vehicle components. Contact with any vehicle component or the modifying of the Mag-Hytec pan voids the warranty. Mag-Hytec assumes no liability, expressed or implied, for damage or injury to persons or property.


1.Park your vehicle on level ground and apply the parking brake. Use jack stands if the vehicle must be raised.

2.Position a large drain pan under the transmission to catch the fluid. Also drain the torque converter.

3. Starting at the rear, remove the 14 existing pan bolts.

4.Using a gasket scraper, start at the rear of the pan and carefully (so as not to gouge the transmission case) insert between the existing pan and transmission housing and pry the old pan off.

5.Allow all of the old oil to drain.

6.Using a gasket scraper, carefully remove all of the old gasket material (dried silicone) from the transmission case.

7.Use clean lint free rags to clean the transmission case gasket surface. The surface must be clean and flat for the gasket to seal.

8.Before installing the new Mag-Hytec pan, check the gasket matting surface on the transmission case for dents, irregularities, or gouges. Should any exist, carefully remove the high spots using a smooth flat file. BE CAREFUL NOT TO “ROUND OFF” THE FLAT GASKET SURFACE.

9. Remove the filter and replace it with a Dodge filter (Dodge Part #3515996up through ’97, Part #52118789 for ’98’s and up. Mag-Hytec Buna 70 Gasket or Transtar Part #3859F gasket are both equivalent for all 727 bodies.

10.Apply a thin layer of ATF trans oil to the Mag-Hytec Drain plug O-ring.

11. Align the bolt holes and install the 14 cap screws and washers until they are installed “finger tight.”

12.Using a 1/4 hex bit and 3/8 drive torque wrench, torque the zinc plated allen cap screws to (12-16 ft. Ibs.) in a “cross tight” pattern.

13.Check the drain plug and 1/8 pipe plug for tightness. If you are going to install a temperature sender, do so at this time. Remove the 1/8 pipe plug and install the sender in its place. Be Sure To Use LPS All Purpose Anti-Seize or equal On The Sender’s Pipe Threads. “TIGHTEN” both the DRAIN PLUG and 1/8 PIPE PLUG TO (30 in. Ibs) DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

14.Remove the dipstick and add in the new ATF or (“LE” 7500 Monolec Power Fluid for severe and HD applications). The Mag-Hytec 727 -D ( Deep pan) holds 6.5 qts. of oil. 1.5 quarts of oil over a stock pan. Fill to full line on dipstick.


The Mag-Hytec pan is constructed of high quality aircraft aluminum and has a powder-coated finish. The bolts are zinc plated allen head screws and the washers are stainless steel. These components require no maintenance.

We suggest you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the transmission service intervals. You may drain your trany oil without removing the Mag-Hytec pan. However, we recommend you remove the pan and change the filter at every trany oil change. You may notice “fuzzy” metallic particles on the magnetic drain plug. This is normal wear. (If you notice any larger chips of metal on the magnetic portion of the plug, further inspection should be performed. We suggest that this inspection be performed by a professional mechanic who specializes in automatic transmissions.) Remember to clean the drain plug assembly prior to reinstallation. Apply a thin layer of oil to the drain plug a-ring and reinstall.

(30 in. lbs) DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. Follow the procedure for filling the transmission.

When it’s time to service your transmission, DO NOT USE ANYTHING TO “PRY” THE PAN FROM THE TRANSMISSION CASE that will damage the gasket surface. If you do damage the surface, use a mill smooth file carefully.

We at Mag-Hytec invite your comments and suggestions. We are continually looking
for better ways to provide the highest level of products and service for our
customers. You may submit your comments and suggestions by writing or calling
our office


44RH, 46RH, 46RE, 47RE

Parts List for Spacer Block
1 ea Spacer block
1 ea Gasket
2 ea 10-24 flat head Phillips screws

The Spacer block is to be installed with the gasket in place of the filter and the filter installed on the bottom of the spacer block this will hold the filter about 1/2 in. above the top of the baffles at the bottom of the pan. The open filter has 3 install holes and the newer enclosed filter has 2 install holes. If your truck has the open filter with the three screws take the three screws out. Install the spacer with the gasket between the valve body and the spacer using two of the stock flat head screws. Grind or cut off 1/8″ of the other stock screw and install it in the hole to the side of the filter block this is needed to hold the valve body up tight and in place. Install the filter with the two 1 0-24×1/2 furnished Phillips flat head screws. The Spacer and the two hole enclosed filter is installed the same way.

We recommend the open filter over the enclosed one.

[thanks to mag-hytec used with permission]
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