BHAF – Big Honking Air Filter

BHAF = Big Honking Air Filter

This is a very easy mod and the benefits are great … Cooler Egts … Better flow … More Whistle !!!

First remove the air intake line running from your factory Air box to your Turbo

Then remove your air box … just pull straight up

This area it leaves behind is the new home for your BHAF

Here is the Filter

They are very easy to obtain Just go to NAPA and request a NAPA – 2790

Additional part numbers for the filter are
WIX 42790
Donaldson B105006
Baldwin PA2820
Hastings AF1012
Fleetguard # AH19037
Napa # 2790
Carquest # 87790

Big A # 93790

Your factory air intake line will hook right up to the filter

Now its about $50 for the filter but you can prolong its life BIG TIME by adding a Outerwear’s Prefilter Available @ its recommended that you just give them a call @ 1-800-967-3450 P/N: WR3325-105BL-$30.00 WR=water resistant BL= blue You can choose any color they have

You can take it a step further by adding a Heat Shield Here’s the template And Here’s a Dealer It will Keep your BHAF from drawing in heat from your turbo and also give the filter a nice little place to sit

This is what it will look like minus the Outerwear prefilter

Consider this One of those easy and cheap Mods that you will get alot from


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